Another Happy Trip Of Giving…

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May 2010 was a great month for me. My entire family was on another trip to Sri Lanka, giving to more milk feeding mothers and poor families food.

The entire trip was over 8 days, starting on the 8th of May. This was my 2nd trip to Sri Lanka and give food to the poor families. The previous trip was last September, you can read more here.

For this trip, there’s a total of 3 things I’m most happy about.

1) Celebrating Mother’s Day in Sri Lanka
2) My cousin contribute to distribute food to milk feeding mothers
3) Through the help of all my friend, we raise another 500 packs of rice & milk powder to give to another 500 more families food.

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My Special Tribute To Jim Rohn…

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As I was reading my emails this morning, I was shocked to open an email from one of my coach… and reading it, found out that Jim Rohn had just passed away.

Suddenly, all the things around me paused for a few minutes. With that, it came flash back of all my experiences with Jim Rohn, all his audios, seminars and also wisdom over the last few years.

After that, all I can hear is the beating of my heart, and my voice saying… “Wow! What a pity… a passing on of one of the greatest leader in personal development!”

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Just Back From A Fulfilling Trip Of A Lifetime…

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I just came back from a fulfilling trip of a lifetime which spans over 10 days. It’s not an ordinary vacation trip with friends or family, it’s a trip which I had envision and planning for years.

Here’s why it is such a fulfilling trip to me…

1) Celebrated my son’s 1st birthday during the trip
2) Had fun with 40+ kids from an orphanage
3) Distribute food & milk powder to 100+ breast-feeding mothers

We left the country on 11th, reached Sri Lanka, and celebrated my son’s 1st birthday. Time really flies, just last Sep, here’s how my son look like when he was first born. After a year, he’s have grown up a lot.

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Internet Marketing Is Both An Art And Science!

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Are you in marketing? Or are you making money, selling products or services on the internet? Then you might know what is internet marketing all about, or maybe you would not know. Let me shed some lights for you.

Before we start to discuss what’s internet marketing, let me give you some opinion on, “What is Marketing?” It’s such a big word, and many a times, an over used word. Every businesses, companines on this earth needs marketing. Without marketing and sales, there’s no revenue into the business. If there is no revenue, then the entire business will go under, right?

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Internet Business Passive Income – Is It Possible For You?

Internet Marketing, Make Money On The Internet 8 Comments

The main reason I was not updating my blog, was that I was doing some research and testing on the above. How can ordinary folks start a simple internet business part-time, generate passive income and having a possibility of quitting your job?

I have been running my own web business and also internet business for 3rd year running. I realize there are more and more courses, ebooks, softwares and tons more information teaching how to make money from the internet.

I used to coach when I first started, and personally, as a newbie, I was overwhelmed with tons of information too. I always say that today is NOT a lack of information, it’s a HUGE floods of information out in the internet. And if you wants to build an internet business successfully, knowing which information is junk and which is gold is critical.

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