Millionaire Party at Stephen Pierce Estate

2:05 pm Roy Daily News

Stephen Pierce have a Millionaire Party at his estate on the 21th Aug 2007. We have been planning for this party for the past weeks and if you have been reading my post, you will see all the renovation, getting of new furniture and etc…

… all just getting ready for the party.

Initially, the party was a closed door party for 35 closed top marketers and friends of Stephen personally, however, as the words spread and more people knew the networking opportunity, now the final attendance is over 100 people.

They are all the Who’s who in the Internet Marketing and Personal Development industry, and here’s a few people:

Jay Abraham
Harv Eker
Mike Filsaime
Tom Beal
Joe Polish
Chet Holmes
Christopher Guerriero
Dave Lakhani
Jerry Clark
John Carlton
John Childers
Patric Chan
Russell Brunson
John Reese
Yanik Silver
Mike Stewart
Armand Morin
Richard & Veronica Tan

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(From Success Resource Singapore)
and the list goes on…

This is no ordinary party, it is a networking party, where many business will transact and opportunities are all around the place. Even though I’m not at Rich Jerk recent party at the Playboy Mansion, but I’m pretty sure, this party is going to be outrangous.

There’s some secrets I cannot disclose right now in this blog, I will when the time is ripe, maybe right after the party, when the news is to be disclose. So, remember to check out my blog like daily for now, or even hourly…

… the last bit of hint I can give you is, I have been writing it in my previous post for the past weeks.

So, in order to get first hand information on the launch of my BIG secret… fill in your first name and email. I know you heard this a lot of time, your information is 100% safe with me.


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7 Responses

  1. » Blog Archive » Roy Phay - Journey of my Life Says:

    [...] you have been reading my post, you will see all the renovation, getting of new furniture and etc…read more | digg [...]

  2. Tanady Says:

    Wah… I’m so impressed.. thanks for sharing all these.. even most of us can’t be there.. I do hope you may make us “feel” that we are there.. on the party.. ^_^


  3. admin Says:

    Hey Tanady,

    Thanks for your comments again, you have been giving me great encouragment…

    I will give more information after the party and all the photo that I will take.


  4. Frank Bauer Says:

    Hi Roy,

    Sounds fantastic… wish i could have been there. :)

    If the guests are still there… please say hello to Nikhil Parekh from me. He is like me from Sydney, Australia.

    Will you also come to San Francisco this September when Stephen speaks at the World Internet Main Event? If you are… I will see you there.

    Best regards,

    Frank Bauer

  5. admin Says:

    Hey Frank,

    Good to hear from you. I have met you in Australia, it’s just that we did not have a good chance to chat. Nikhil is here and he’s having a great time too.

    Catch up with you soon.

    Roy Phay

  6. James - Visualized.Feel.Abundance Says:

    Hey Roy,

    How was the party? Hope to catch up with you over a cup of local coffee when you are back next week!


  7. admin Says:

    Hey James,

    Great to hear from you, sure… coffee and Singapore supper anytime. Let me know.


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