Christmas Party On A 60 Footer Luxury Yacht

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I’m really thankful and fortunate to be having my Christmas party this year on a 60 footer luxury yacht. If you have been reading my blog, I’m sure you have seen some of the photos that I have taken on my first trip on it.

This time, I’m took a video and a tour of it, so you can see more of it.

We have lots of good food, turkey, ham, sushi, wine, champagne, seafood, and many others. In short, it’s one of the best way to spend Christmas. Good friends, good food, wonderful scenery, the ocean breeze and choppy waters… it’s beautiful!

As I’m writing this blog once I got back home, I still can feel my house moving and having the after seas effects. Haha…

I’m really thankful, as the weather is perfect today. It was sunny and hot around 1pm to 3pm. Coming 4pm onwards, the sky gets cloudy and looks like raining. And guess what, we have a cloudy evening and no rain, and beautiful sunset.

Here’s more photos that I have taken, by my “professional” photographer friend.

Just want to share my excellent experience with you!

Merry Christmas, enjoy your last few days of 2008, and wish that you will start 2009 with a loud bang, and lots of love, laughter, success and happiness.

To Your Success,

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5 Responses

  1. Raymond Chua Says:

    Wow! I want to be there too. :)

  2. Esther Says:

    pretty. this is a great lifestyle.

  3. doris Says:

    looks great!! i am so envious~!

  4. Jack Lan Says:

    Nice ride… =)

  5. Roy Phay Says:

    Thank you guys!

    It’s really awesome! Love it so much!

    Would look forward to another cruise in a few months time, anyone interested?


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