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May 2010 was a great month for me. My entire family was on another trip to Sri Lanka, giving to more milk feeding mothers and poor families food.

The entire trip was over 8 days, starting on the 8th of May. This was my 2nd trip to Sri Lanka and give food to the poor families. The previous trip was last September, you can read more here.

For this trip, there’s a total of 3 things I’m most happy about.

1) Celebrating Mother’s Day in Sri Lanka
2) My cousin contribute to distribute food to milk feeding mothers
3) Through the help of all my friend, we raise another 500 packs of rice & milk powder to give to another 500 more families food.

As the 9th itself was Mothers’ day, and instead of celebrating it in Singapore, I decided to plan a surprise party for all the 5 mothers in our group.

None of them knew about the party, except for my wife. The whole idea to let the mothers feel the joy, and secondly, is to let the orphanage have the fun of party, and also the happiness of chocolates, cakes and all the goodies.

Before the party starts, everyone was busy packing the goodies into bags, so each boy will get a pack. Note the boxes of goodies we bought this time in the background of this photo. We checked in a total of 28 bags and boxes this time, and the lady at the check-in counter was shocked.

Packing Goodies Into Bags

So, once that’s done, the party begins.

I had already arranged to order a chocolate cake, and 5 roses for each mother in our group. So, you can see each boy holding a stalk of rose, waiting anxiously to give to the mothers.

Boys Waiting To Give Rose

Here’s a photo of all the 5 beautiful and compassionate mothers. The lady in pink floral is my grandmother, she already promoted to become Great-Grandmother since the day my boy was born.

The lady on her left, in black, is my mom. The lady in purple dress is my wife. The other 2 ladies, are my aunties. One of them is a grandmother, and the other is a mother.

So, all in all, we have 1 great-grandmother, 2 grandmothers, and 2 mothers in the photo.

5 Beautiful and Compassionate Mothers

All the boys and everyone were very happy. They were singing and the room was full of laughter. My grandma was so happy receiving the rose.

Great-Grandmother receiving rose

Next, the mothers helped to cut the cake to give to all the boys. Everyone was so joyful and happy.

Mothers Cutting Cake

For that, I’m happy, to see all the people there so happy.

The following day, we went to the area where we going to distribute the food to the milk feeding mothers.

We reached the distribution area the previous day, and everyone in the group was shocked to see mothers already queuing up at the gate.

And you know what? It was at least another 16 hours before we will start distributing the food to them. They were there with their young children, and have to stay throughout the entire night and waited till the next morning.

As I was back in my hotel sleeping, I was thinking about all those mothers waiting outside the gate. My heart just aches to think about it.

The next morning, we do our best to arrive as early as possible, and start the ceremony on time.

As you can see, people are breaking into the gate, and pushing to come in. For a start, we only allow the 100 invited milk feeding mothers to come in first.

Mothers rushing in

Just within minutes, everyone was queuing up, waiting for the place to be ready and start the ceremony.

Mothers Queuing Up

So, the first thing we want to do for them is to let them have a chair to sit. They have been standing up the entire night. Most of them would have been standing under the hot sun, carrying their babies, walking a few kilometers,

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and waited for hours.

They are really very strong mothers.

Mothers Seated

At this photo, you can see that I’m explaining what’s in the big white sack to my cousin’s and their family. It’s the same items that I had a photo on in the previous post.

All the invited mothers will get at least S$30 worth of food, including many food items, mattress, sarongs, medicines, fruits, water and etc. This time, they are very happy with all the items.

These 100 packs of food to the mothers was contributed by my cousin this time. They were very happy to see how much S$30 can be given to each family.

Explaining food items to them

Once all the mothers are almost seated, we start to distribute the food to them.

Giving food to mothers

Of course, my fortunate son helps to distribute the food too, and hopefully he will grows up to help more poor people than his parents.

Food Distribution

As the 100 mothers were happily receiving their bags of food, they are at least 300 other mothers and poor people waiting outside the gate.

Last year, we only had about 200 extra packs of food to give to those uninvited.

This year, we had, over 500 packs of food, to be given to those uninvited mothers. All thanks to my friends in Singapore, and overseas. Without all your help, I would not be able to

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raise so many packs of food to give to them.

For those uninvited, we give them 5kg of brown rice (good quality), and 400 gm of milk powder (best quality), on top of that, 2 coconuts, and some other chocolate rolls we bought along.

Each pack was S$8, and as I share with my friends asking for help, many came forward to give whatever they can. Thank you so much!

Long queue

Look at the long queue, we didn’t count how many people came, but we estimate at least 300 – 400 came. With that, at least anyone who came, didn’t go home hungry and empty handed.

Long queue 2

All I wish is that the pack of food they receive can help to feed their babies, and even family for at least 2 weeks to a month.

Within just 2 hours, all the months of preparations, hundreds of people, and all the stacks of rice, milk powder, coconuts and food was gone.

You can view the YouTube video below to get a better picture. It’s about 9 minutes and 30 seconds long. It’s worth the time to see it!

But deep in my heart, and everyone in the group, we felt happy. We feel a sense of happiness, peace and calmness, and as I’m typing this post, and now in Singapore, I can truly say how fortunate I am…

To have all the things and people that I have right now.

Thank you for reading!

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2 Responses

  1. Hong Says:

    This is fantastic!

    I felt an inner calling to help Roy the moment I meet him. It is a inner compulsion that comes from the heart and cannot be denied.

    I just send SMS around and the donations keep rolling in. I am very happy to see that our donations goes directly to those people who queued even though they have not been invited.

    Next year, let’s have more notice and raise more funds!

    People in Singapore wants to help and they want to make sure that their donations goes to the right people – instead of ….

    gold taps
    first class air tickets
    business loans etc.

    with joyful blessings,
    Hong & Shuli

  2. Philip Low Says:

    Roy, you deserved my praise and admiration. You spend a good deal of time and means for the needy instead of your young family.

    I guess a little sacrifice is all one need to give back to the society. Yours is surmountable!

    May the Force Be With YOU

    A Happy Taxi Driver doing my little part not to charge any needy on board too :)

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