Another Happy Trip Of Giving…

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May 2010 was a great month for me. My entire family was on another trip to Sri Lanka, giving to more milk feeding mothers and poor families food.

The entire trip was over 8 days, starting on the 8th of May. This was my 2nd trip to Sri Lanka and give food to the poor families. The previous trip was last September, you can read more here.

For this trip, there’s a total of 3 things I’m most happy about.

1) Celebrating Mother’s Day in Sri Lanka
2) My cousin contribute to distribute food to milk feeding mothers
3) Through the help of all my friend, we raise another 500 packs of rice & milk powder to give to another 500 more families food.

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Just Back From A Fulfilling Trip Of A Lifetime…

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I just came back from a fulfilling trip of a lifetime which spans over 10 days. It’s not an ordinary vacation trip with friends or family, it’s a trip which I had envision and planning for years.

Here’s why it is such a fulfilling trip to me…

1) Celebrated my son’s 1st birthday during the trip
2) Had fun with 40+ kids from an orphanage
3) Distribute food & milk powder to 100+ breast-feeding mothers

We left the country on 11th, reached Sri Lanka, and celebrated my son’s 1st birthday. Time really flies, just last Sep, here’s how my son look like when he was first born. After a year, he’s have grown up a lot.

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Christmas Party On A 60 Footer Luxury Yacht

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I’m really thankful and fortunate to be having my Christmas party this year on a 60 footer luxury yacht. If you have been reading my blog, I’m sure you have seen some of the photos that I have taken on my first trip on it.

This time, I’m took a video and a tour of it, so you can see more of it.

We have lots of good food, turkey, ham, sushi, wine, champagne, seafood, and many others. In short, it’s one of the best way to spend Christmas. Good friends, good food, wonderful scenery, the ocean breeze and choppy waters… it’s beautiful!

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Great Evening To Spend On A 60 Foot Luxury Yacht…

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My birthday is around the corner, in fact, it’s just over… and just last Thursday, I’m very fortunate to be invited by one of my good friend, Bob Urichuck, on this luxury 60 footer yacht.

I always love the sea, and being on a LUXURY, oh my God! That’s a dream comes true!

See, the thing is that I love watching Travel and Living on Cable. A few of my favorite programs like “Richest Man In The World”, shows on luxury lifestyle, like yacht, resorts, big houses and fast cars. And I always love to listen to those rich people speak as they

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Roy & Michslle Phay’s First Baby Boy…

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Today is one of the happiest day of my life. I would say that every parents in this world would agree with me. Yipee! First time father and also experiencing the entire process of miracle power of God’s creation.

It is indeed a long journey, and one that I will never forget. God is amazing at how he can create a full growth human from just the joining of 2 human cells. That’s amazing.

This entire 40 weeks taught me another process of patience… and also enjoying the round to success. Success is definately one it’s way and many a times, nature cannot be rush.

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