My Special Tribute To Jim Rohn…

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As I was reading my emails this morning, I was shocked to open an email from one of my coach… and reading it, found out that Jim Rohn had just passed away.

Suddenly, all the things around me paused for a few minutes. With that, it came flash back of all my experiences with Jim Rohn, all his audios, seminars and also wisdom over the last few years.

After that, all I can hear is the beating of my heart, and my voice saying… “Wow! What a pity… a passing on of one of the greatest leader in personal development!”

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Creating A Vision Board = Start An Internet Business?

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How does creating a vision board is in relation to start an internet business? Most people would think there’s no relation to it at all…

But if you notice how, “The Secret”, talks about Law of Attraction, by creating a vision board is manifesting your dream or goal in your mind and attract it from the universe…

You’ll start to see how does that help in giving you an extra booster in helping you to start an internet business.

Personally, I have been creating vision board for the past 6 years, way before “The Secret” took the entire planet by storm. As mentioned, it’s a secret that have been pass down centuries…

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Are You Passionate To Start An Internet Business?

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Today is Monday, and everyone that goes to work have this common phrase, “It’s Monday Blue…”

Are you passionate about your work? Are you passionate to start an internet business? That’s what I’m going to talk about today…

If you have read my book, “Insider Secrets To Building a 6 Figure Income”, you’ll know that the No. 1 Secret to be successful is to know your, “WHY”

Why do you want to start an internet business? Why do you want to have passive income? Why do you want to stay at home and start a home-based internet business?

Do you mean you are lazy and do not want to go to work? Or does it mean something else?

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Do You Believe You Can Start A Home Based Business On The Internet?

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It have been researched, proven

scientifically, and shown results in many successful people, that your belief is the single most powerful “arsenal” on making extra money at home.

So, this question, “Do YOU believe you can start a home based business on the internet?” is a very important question for you today…

If your reply is a slow, stumbling, “Err… maybe…”, then it shows much on your belief. If your reply is a straight, 100% sure, confident, “YES!” Would that make a difference?

So, why am I talking about this today? Isn’t my blog all about making money online?

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Are You Thinking Big And Kicking Ass…?

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Recently, I have completed a couple of very good books of Donald Trump. One of them is Think Big and Kick Ass, in Life and in Business. In this book about over 300 pages, I have learnt tons of personal experience from Mr. Tump and why he deserved the success he have today.

This is not an ordinary book, at least

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to me. It’s as good as reading Donald’s life experiences, as it’s describes in each teachings and values he wants to bring across. There are a total of 10 simple solid chapters inside:

1) From Small to Big
2) Do You Have What It Takes?
3) Passion, Passion, Passion
4) Basic Instincts
5) Creating Luck
6) Fear Factor
7) Revenge
8.) BIG Mo!
9) Never take Your Eye Off The Ball
10) I Love You, Sign This!
11) Think Big and Kick Ass In Business and Life

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