Here’s an update what’s Roy Phay’s up to recently…

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It’s been a few weeks since I have updated any post in this blog… a lot of people might be wondering what’s Roy up to this time.

And Yes! I have been super busy and tied up recently in just a few weeks. I just finished attending Jack’s Zufelt Weekend Seminar as an Assistance. I’m busy pushing my sales of my internet business, both offline and online, to reach my goal for 2007. I’m just a few weeks till end of 2007, so pushing hard on that.

I was given 2 opportunities to speak in front of 50 people, and another opportunity to be in a teleseminar… all 3 speaking opportunities was sharing about marketing and my views about it.

To me, be it Internet Marketing or marketing to your traditional business, there’s no difference in it.

I was overwhelmed with at least 3 major opportunities, of which 2 came from Singapore and one from USA…

… out of the 3, I have jumped into 1 just 10 days ago. I invested S$8,000 in it, and have got a ROI of at least 62.5% on paper, as of this writing. I will get my cheque on 18th Dec 07, of which I’ll scanned and show it to you.

I’m so excited with my friends about this investment opportunities, and there’re a couple of them thinking I was trying to “sell” them stuffs. How I wish they would just open their mind.

The other 2 are still in negotiation, the one from USA, if done well, will literally sky rocket to a lot things I want to accomplish in my life.

On internet side, I was testing a few money making model, from Adsense to affiliate marketing to product creations… not only that, I have got books on marketing and floods my mind with ideas of marketing and how to market well.

I keep telling my friends that I’m going to launch my first Internet Marketing product next month. Everyone

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seems to be launching products, and selling and selling. I want to be in the bandwagon. However, somehow, my “little voice” is telling me otherwise…

Nevertheless, things are definately great for me. Business and investment opportunities are definately flooding around. I just met up a friend who just proposed another deal to me. So a total of 4 now.

To me, even if I’m 24/7 busy, there’s no excuse of not updating this personal blog of mine which I have dedicated to you, as you invest you time to read it and visit regularly.

I will do so, and no more excuse on that.

With that, catch up with you soon…

Drop me a comment or even email me personally if you want.

To Your Success,
Roy Phay

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Life Is All About Patterns! – Part 2

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Yesterday, I started off this series sharing about, “Life Is All About Patterns!”
Do remember to come back over the next few days to read more about the continuation of this series.

I’m going to share with you 2 very important, simple, and “idiot proof” to making money on the internet. It’s so simple that I would not require you to take out your notepad to jot it down. You will remember it instantly as I revealed this secret to you. Or if you have been trying to market online and not being making money, you might goes into the enlighten ‘ah huh’ mode.

ok, I’m not going to tease you anymore and will revealed this secret to you.

To make money on the internet, you just need to know 2 very important secrets:

1) Traffic Generation

2) Traffic Monetization

Traffic is the life-blood of your internet business, if you are looking at residual passive income generated on the internet month after month after money. If you do not have quality traffic for you to generate and monetize, then you can forget about hearing the “ke ching” (Jackpot sound).

And while these 2 main points are important, there

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are still 3 sub-points of each secrets. Even if you fully internalize these 2 secrets, but not knowing the 3 sub-points of each secrets, at the end of the day…

you are just scratching the surface.

In order to grasp the important secret of making money on the internet, I welcome you back tomorrow to visit my post again. And before you leave this page, I would love you to leave a comment so that I could understand you better, what you like

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and not like about this post, so that I could provide more value to you.
(I’ll personally go through and reply each comments)

Talk to you tomorrow,
Roy Phay

PS: Before you leave, please remember to leave a comment for me.

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Life Is All About Patterns! – Part 1

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While I was traveling with Stephen on his Australia seminar, I learn so much from all his seminars. I’m going to record all these lessons over here, so that for you… who not even there to have the opportunity to hear Stephen’s speak would benefit from all the lessons here too.

Today’s message is, “Life Is All About Patterns!”

There’s a system in whatever we do in life. If you just laid back and marvel at God’s creation of this universal, you cannot miss out the amazingly system that God’s have created. There’s a system where sun raise from east and set in the west, there’s a system where how the plants grow and provide food for animals and quick-start the entire food chain.

Our primary language on earth, English, have a pattern too. When you research all the millions upon millions of books and information online, are you overwhelmed by all the tons of information and knowledge you can receive from it? Before you start ‘freaking’ out and feeling helpless, if you look deeper into it…

They are make up of 26 characters (alphabets)

Think about that?

Stephen and myself love movies. During the stay at Texas, we would have nights where we just chilled out to have movies night, and we would love to watch movies on the HUGE LCD TV with High Definition Blue-Rays DVD. Or if you love art, like Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others…

They are make up of 3 primary colors; Red, Green and Blue.

Lastly, I bet you must have love music and it has been a big part of our life. So, be it classical music, pop music, country music, soothing music, loud music or just noisy music…

They are make up of 12 basic notes.

Think about that…

What if today making money on the internet is just as simple as a pattern and system that God created, wouldn’t it be so simple and easy for any ordinary people to start making money online?

Be it whether you are convinced or not,

check out my post for tomorrow and I will show you part 2, of a system on making money on the internet.

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