A Gift To You From What I learn from Stephen Pierce’s UYMG…

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UYMG had just ended and I was on my way back home today. If you have read about my previous post, you probably know that I love to mindmap. That’s one of the way that I love to take notes. It help me to remember what I learn months later.

To me personally, UYMG have been a great event. Everytime I attend this event, after that, it would have opened my mind and increase my income online. And this have always been the case ever since I have met Stephen 18 months ago. I have heard both good reviews and not so good reviews of UYMG Malaysia. I would say, at the end of the day, it’s up to individual expectations.

From my comments, I have people commenting that it did not meet

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their expectations, and that it’s over-promise, under-delivered. I have personally met people in the crowd that totally love the 4 days, and have created great networks, and even JV to work together.

And this is always the same whichever seminar that I personally went too, there’s this 2 group of people. This is why I have posted my first post of how I would prepare myself when I go to UYMG, and how I would prepare my mindset. Mindset is the single most important critical points that we need to succeed, and I truly believe it to be so.

I think I can go talking and writing another 2,000 words in this post and I will never finish sharing what I think about mindset. I will not do that.

As what I promised, I have here one of my mindmap that I have sketch while in the seminar, and as a devoted reader of my blog, here’s my gift to you:

Dave Lakhani’s Mindmap

This is Dave Lakhani’s Mindmap about 5 Persuasion Tatics. One of his main sharing in his presentation in UYMG. Enjoy!

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2nd Day of UYMG

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You probably know that today is the 2nd day of UYMG. A few cool, and familiar speaker have spoke for the past 2 days that I personally have learnt a lot from them. Yesterday, Mike Filsaime and Greg Cesar have spoke. And today, Dave Lakhani and Christopher Guerriero.

Mike did

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an awesome presentation of how he first started on the internet, way before he become famous online. And that was when at the same time, he was working as a general manager in a car dealer full-time job. Up till a point, his boss found out that his moonlighting and he’s getting a lot of attention from his fellow friends in his work. So

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much so until this day, that his boss ‘corner’ him into making a decision whether to give up his Internet Business or he have to quit his job…

You probably intelligent to know that he make the right of quiting his job on the spot, and his life is never the same again. And after 1.5 years later, he launch Butterfly Marketing, follow by up till recently his latest launch of 7 figure code. If you are in Mike’s list, you might have heard that he’s not going to speak again. He’s going to retire from his speaking career. He’s did talked about that on stage too, and UYMG Malaysia is his 2nd last speaking.

At the same time, he talks about his profit map and what’s his blueprint of creating a profitable online business. He shows us how he derive that strategy, tested it, and make him US$25,000 during his early days. Further to that, he also talks about more strategies on how he build a list of over 500,000 up till today.

Check back this site for more updates… rushing off, will be back soon…

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I’m All Excited and Ready for Unleash Your Marketing Genius Seminar…

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I’m all ready and set for Unleash Your Marketing Genius Seminar, UYMG, a 4 full days of hands-on Internet Marketing Seminar by Stephen Pierce. Over the next four days, 28th – 2nd Oct, 800 participants will gather at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for this life-changing seminar.

It had been an amazing journey ever since I met Stephen, from making no money on the internet, to making a residual constant stream of income online. I was excited and full of zeal every single day. From what I heard, many top marketers will be speaking at the event too, including Mike Filsaime, Patric Chan and many others…

…so, I was all set!

Just to share further more on how I would prepare myself for a seminar, any seminar… be it, Internet Marketing Seminar, Stock Investment Seminar, Breakthrough Seminar and etc.

I have been attending seminar and devour myself into personal development stuffs for almost 6 years now. I have met and known hundreds of friends, every now and then, attending seminars after seminars. Till today, I only kept in touch with a few whom I can really connect with and share what we learn at the seminars.

To me, preparation takes up 80% of any seminars that you are going to attend! If you are not prepared, or do not have the ready mindset, then frankly speaking, I would keep the money and the time watching TV at home.

That’s why, statistic shows that only 3% – 20% of the people really absorb what the speakers is really talking about in Seminar, and why only 3% will only be successful after that. That’s when the 3% take action right after that! And that’s to me, is the 20% secret to success in attending seminar.

I’m no expert here! However, with experiences of spending at least 5 figures every year, after year, on seminars, I do have my own secrets on how I prepare myself to attend seminars.


I would always have an “empty cup mindset”. To me, “empty cup mindset”, at the same time, means be humble and willing to learn. Just like the next 4 days of UYMG, it is my 2nd time attending it. In fact, the first time when it was held in Singapore in Mar 07, I was both a student and a speaker at the same time too. With that experience in mind, some of my friends will ask me, “Roy, then why waste your time attending the same old thing again? Further more, it’s now in Malaysia, and you got to pay more to listen to the same old stuff for 4 days!”

Personally, that’s why the first thing I always tell myself, is to have an “empty cup mindset’. That is NOT to say to forget or throw away what I learn back in Mar 07. But it is to look at things at a much different perceptive or angle. I was used this example to share:

If today, you have a full cup mindset, walking into a seminar, “How much more water (knowledge) can the speaker pour into your mind?”

Secondly, I would always set goals before I walked into that seminar room. I would ask myself, what exactly am I looking for in the seminar? I would write a list of 3 -5 things that I want to focus on during that seminar period. With the list of things, I know that I’m focus, I’m very sure of what I’m looking for, and my mind will start search for it, and law of attraction will does it work!

Thirdly, I would always take notes in the seminar. Some speaker would want you to listen and NOT take notes, some would want. So, depends on the speaker and the kind of seminar you are attending too. For the next 4 days, you can bet 100% that I will walk out with stacks of notes in my bag. And they will be colorful notes, which means they will be in multiple colors, drawings and etc.

Yes, if you know what I’m talking about, I love to MindMap! In fact, I love it so much that I’m getting a pretty good skills of mind-mapping when the speaker is speaking. If not, I would take notes and head to the hotel and mind map what I learn that day. That’s, to me, is the best way to learn!

So, after hearing from me sharing about my experience, I would love to hear your comments on how would you approach attending a seminar.

At the same time, remember to check back almost every day over the weekend as I will post more exciting tips, secrets and strategies that I learn in UYMG. And photos too!

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Would You Want To Make US$1.4 Millions in 7 Days…?

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Myself with Greg PaulosStephen Pierce had just helped one of his students, Greg Paulos, to make US$1.4 Millions in just 7 days. Do you want to know the secrets and strategies on how Stephen did it? Read on…

After you have read this short

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article, you will feel to make 6 – 7 figures on the internet is very possible. Of course you’ve heard that Internet marketing gurus, like Stephen Pierce, Mike Filsaime, John Reese, and many others all making at least 7 figures online year after year…

… what if you are able to do that too? How would that make you feel? How would that able to impact your current lifestyle? Or just imagine you are able to peek through just 1% of the secrets that all these gurus have; just picture that in your mind now.

On the 22nd Sep, 7am EST time, Stephen had just done a webinar of showing us the secrets behind all the secrets that he have been using, teaching, helping Greg and many others making millions of dollars on the internet. And only all the SMCC students of Stephen have the golden opportunity of their lifetime to be able to peak through the crack of the walls of what Stephen’s secret truly is.

Not only that, the webinar is based on a 2 days seminar in Aug that he just did in Texas. And these small group of people, each invested US$5,000 with Stephen to learn all these informations.

In the webinar, Stephen reveal the followings:

1) How the internet have become so dynamic that it’s no more in a controlled environment, so much so that plans does not work anymore…

2) 9 steps of creating results

3) How do you identify the control points of the market and started to influence all the leverage points to win in that market?

4) Examples of how to know who’s a market leader is and using psychological effects to produce massive effect on the market?

5) Not only that, Stephen gave examples on how he would build a campaign, and go through step by step of it.

6) and many many more…

The whole webinar went on for 2 full hours! Stephen plan to finish it in 60 mins, haha, but all of us would know that once Stephen started sharing his secrets…

… he would not want to stop, and all of us do not want that too.

It’s really amazing and it’s really show how precious how all these informations are. I’m really fortunate and blessed to be traveling with him, and during that course of time, Stephen also show me how he would make use of all those information to win in every market he goes to.

Imagine what it would be like if you could too listen to the 2 hours webinar, or even attend the 2 days seminar conducted by Stephen personally… how would that impact your online business?

For sure, after listening to Stephen, it have changed my perceptive totally on how easy it is now to start creating 7 figures income on the internet. And with you reading this post, I would love to share that information with you too. So, to continue to hear from me and get updated information from me…

… fill in your first name and email and I want to continue to chat with you!


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Life Is All About Patterns! – Part 3 (Traffic Generation)

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Today, we are going to touch on just one of the secret that I have revealed to you.

Traffic Generation!

Do you still remember me saying that in Traffic Generation, there are a total of 3 different ways of traffic generation?
If yes, that’s great. If no, that’s even better! Because that’s the reason why you are here reading this post right?

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. Without traffic, there’s no sales. If there’s no sales, then you will not be making money off your internet business. It’s that simple! Traffic at the same time, are not numbers, bytes on your computer screen. They are actual human beings like you and me looking for informations on the internet.

A lot of newbie marketers are overwhelmed and too fascinated by that fact that they can make money off their computer screen and start forgetting that they are actual human beings who is doing that. So, when you start to see 1 visitor to your website, you should be celebrating on that achievement, as that means 1 visitor to your virtual shop online.

Now, let talks about the 3 secrets of traffic generation:

1) Buy It
2) Borrow It
3) Re-direct It

To buy traffic is the fastest traffic generation strategy that I personally love. To buy traffic, most people would thought of Paid Per Click, and that’s true. Paid Per Click is using search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN and advertise with them.

Next is borrow traffic… borrowing traffic might not be a common term for most marketing, but if I were to mention Joint Venture, then lots of people will be enlighten.

If you look deeper into it, by borrowing traffic, that’s to joint venture with another partner. For example, you have a list of 2,000 people, and I have 5,000, all from the same niche market, we could start working together to cross promote each other products using our list of people.

Lastly, it’s re-directing traffic. I love to re-direct traffic, as most of them are free traffic strategies that any newbie could start working it, without spending a lot of money on paid advertising. And there are dozens and dozens of them, re-directing traffic is so much easier now than 5 years ago on the internet.

Here’s are a few examples:

1) Forum Marketing
2) Post Comments on Blogs
3) Blogging
4) Social Bookmarking
5) MySpace
6) Squidoo Lens
7) Articles Marketing
8 ) Press Release
9) eBay Marketing
10) and many many more…

If you want more valuable information on making money online, fill in your first name and email to receive instant “insiders” updates from me: