Lessons That I Learn From Breastfeeding…

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It’s been 2 weeks since my first baby boy is born. I’m all excited, and as much as I want to focus on my business, I find myself constantly distracted by him with all the needs that he wants.

And if you have been following my posts, thank you for doing so. I just want to share with you that we have finally finalized his name and just registered it today.

His name is Darien Phay Qi Kang. Darien is his first name, Phay is last name. For Asian, our names are slightly different in terms of first and last name. Having a vision that he might have his own internet business, so I decided to put his name Darien Phay so that it’s easier to brand online. Haha…

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More Baby Photos and Video…

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Thanks a lot for all the well-wishes, comments and also blessings from all my friends. I know most of the people, however, there might be some which I never met before and look forward to do so one of these days.

Just the first day back from hospital is real busy. I’m like the all-rounded man, taking care of baby and also mummy. I’m really fortunate to have my parents helping me for the first 2 days. And my mom throughout the entire few months.

I’m really thankful for that. All I know is to stay cool, keep calm and be happy throughout the first few weeks. Then not only my positive will transmit to the baby, everyone would feel great and happy throughout too.

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